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Me Time 03:25
dvd: Fuck a feature, I'm the feature presentation Watch the previews, If your needin' all the same shit Think these leaders need some people to replace ‘em Straight to blu-ray everything that i been chasing Think my green room probably bigger than your place is Ain’t no team new that’s the niggas that I came with I be on the same stage as your favorites Watch me switch lanes and the rear views where you stayin’ Chorus Was too worried 'bout you niggas, now it’s me time Living in the present never rewind, nigga, Everything we ever done, that's by design Don’t you worry about the kids, we gon’ be fine, nigga Was too worried 'bout you niggas, now it’s me time, I been living in the present, never rewind, nigga, Everything we ever done, that's by design, Don’t you worry about the kids, we gon’ be fine, nigga Dvd: Fuck your feelings, if I feel it then I say it After dealing with you niggas, lost my patience Couple million, I'm on permanent vacation But no one’s willing to be villains, I embrace it Bitch, i’m staying Can’t get rid of me dog I’ve had friends that can’t accept me Turn to enemies, dog Now, i tend to put my own needs front of helping these dogs We are everything you’re meant to and pretend to be, dog TRØN: If you aint got it don’t tell me how to get it I don’t believe you Enough of the speculation Breaking through for the people Isolation and patience Waiting many days just to preview Until we break the scene and show them niggas thats how we do Oh y’all got all the answers, I’m sorry musta forgot You tryna get on in a flash We gonna burn forever hot Fuck your spot, direct slot, we here to rock I’m charged up You hear what I’m saying Kakarot Trials and tribulations Burning down radio stations If we not in rotation then we looting and breaking You be be paying for placements I’m cashing in from the basement "Pack it yo save it you aint never gonna make it" Thats what they used to be saying They'll eat your dream like its bacon Can’t get the love without hating Can’t have God wit out Satan Can’t be the TRØN without patience First the songs then the statements All along they was waiting cuz this is ten years in the making
Manhunt 04:04


released September 13, 2019


all rights reserved



TRØN & DVD New York

TRØN & DVD + compilations/Mixtapes - @tronanddvd - twitter/instagram Rockland County, NY

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